Music is the cosmos’s way of reminding us of the truth of our feelings. Enchanting The Void is the essence of my music.
“Through singing song, spirit flows like a river.”

Enchanting the Void

My inspiration for ‘Enchanting the Void’ developed during several years when I lived in a yurt in the woods. During this time, song became integral to my life. It has developed into a western form of sacred singing. Re-imagining and re-energising the song lines of our lands through the magic of shared sound, coupled with the healing of the charged silence which follows. Quite literally – we heal each other!  How beautiful-and so simple. Listen for yourself!

As well as frequent sessions in my home town of Stroud, I travel with this inspired gift of sacred song and silence to various venues in Europe – including Holland, Italy and Germany along with various camps and festivals in the UK and abroad.

I am passionate about Sacred Earth songs, singing the land alive through prayerful vibration. Within my circle I often share teachings and story, along with creating spacious periods of stillness. ‘Enchanting the Void’ is a potent, deeply healing and inspirational space filled with heart resonance: For the land, ourselves and the wider community.

The Awen Power of Song Workshops

An experiential exploration of the story behind Songlines

A Druidic look at the power and value of song.
Why are words like ‘Incantation’ and ‘Enchantment’ linked to both song and magic?

The connection between the current neglect of the earth and largely forgotten ‘Songlines’.
Stories and myth as pointers to the underlying value of song.
How we might co-create a reflowering of the Land.

This workshop will be a mixture of reflections and personal experience, interspersed with chants and songs helping to illustrate what is being talked about; Participants are welcome to join in the song, or simply sit and enjoy hearing and being bathed in sound.

This will be running as a work shop in the UK and Europe.

I run Workshop experiences throughout the year at various sites. Please get in touch if you are interest in attending.

Enchanting the Void - Earth Songs

Samhain Celebrations

Sacred Music Festival on Friday 2nd November at St Lawrence Church, Stroud – 7pm

Then the next session of Enchanting the Void – Earth Songs – will be on Friday 9th November at 7pm for a 7.15 start

Same venue as usual; The Roundhouse in the garden behind 7 Summer Close, Stroud, GL5 1P. Please park on Summer street and walk the short distance up Summer Close (top right hand corner) as parking in the Close is very limited and generally best left for residents.

We will mark and honour this time of the ancestors, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest.

Donations invited in the singing bowl afterwards to help cover costs, use of Roundhouse, etc.

Please bring nibbles and treats to share afterwards if you’d like to stay on for a brief social.

Music from Enchanting the Void

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