Welcoming Autumn

Hello everyone

It seems ages since we last sat chanting together – and indeed it is ; a whole Summer has come and gone (not very evidently in terms of heat)
So here we are ready to suddenly celebrate Autumn,  with the Equinox nearly upon us!

As previously communicated, the next session of Enchanting the Void is on Friday 25th September.

Usual time – 7 for 7.15pm
Usual place – the Cabin behind number 8 Woodside (or is it number 10? )  Dawn’s place, anyway.

It may not turn out to be so on the night (one can never tell ),  however quite a few people have expressed an interest in coming to this one,  so please bring cushion and bottle of water,  along with something simple to share afterwards.  And best not be too late if space is at a premium

Having said all that, don’t be surprised if there are just half a dozen of us:  like I said – one can never tell! 🙂

Hope you are all in good spirits and ready to share the blessing of ‘soul song’ and ‘hymns of the heart’   in honour of the land and all beings of this sacred earth.

Love and blessings