December, January & 2016

Greetings Everyone.

The usual date for the next session would be the 4th Friday in December – however that will be Christmas Day!  And the Friday after is New Year’s Day.   So the intention is to hold the next session on Friday 8th January.

Then it gets interesting:
The ‘normal’ (if there is such a thing with Enchanting the Void 🙂 ) date for the next session is 22nd January – only two weeks later.
I am proposing sticking with this for two reasons.
Firstly, I will be away the week after (29th Jan) , taking Enchanting the Void to more Northern realms (if you can call Shropshire that! ),  otherwise I would have considered slipping it a week.

More significantly,  I have been approached by Kesty Jakes – whom many of you will already know and who often sings with us –  to introduce sessions of Enchanting the Void  at  the Roundhouse in the woods near her and Martin’s home (not very far from the Cabin where existing sessions are held).

The proposal is to run these on the second Friday of the month, starting  on 12th February
(The observant among you will have noted that we already have one booked for the second Friday in January at the normal venue of the Cabin. – see above )

Several people had already been asking whether there could be more than just one session a month, and I was inclined to agree;  so here we are!

From February, the second Friday of the month will be at the Roundhouse (Kesty and Martin will provide us with directions nearer the time),  and the fourth Friday of the month will continue to be at the Cabin  – (at least normally).

Much love

JJ xxx