Hot of the Press!

‘The CDs arrived ‘hot off the press’ on Thursday 3rd December.   I took a box of 50 with me to the Annual Winter gathering of Bards , Ovates and Druids, the following day.
On Saturday morning , in Glastonbury Town Hall, around 200 of us sang a handful of chants together, just as a ‘sampler’.  To my amazement and delight,  40 CDs sold that day.
The feedback has been simply beautiful.  (e.g. see below – reproduced with permission)

” Thank you for the wonderful and magical chants yesterday morning. I was in a poor space and could not find my voice so I simply allowed the sacred sounds to wash over and through me.

I played the Enchanting the Void CD in my car on a short journey this afternoon. Mid-way through track four “We are Angels”, I found my voice again and was able to start singing through the tears.

 Thank you.  Mx     “

Whether you are new to ‘Enchanting the Void’ or already a ‘seasoned addict’,  I believe these CDs will inspire and cheer you, not only through the dark winter months, but through any stage or time in life. Rain or shine, down or up, they seem to ‘re-connect’ and ‘lift the spirit’.   They make a great gift to others as well as to ones self!
Much love

JJ x