Welcome to 2017 with Enchanting the Void

Greetings and blessings to everyone on here, may the slowly lengthening days act as an encouragement of light upon our wellbeing.  

These dark Winter nights are a rich opportunity to share community, stillness and song and as usual, regular gatherings will be held at the Roundhouse and Cabin on Summer Street, Stroud.  For more information on dates and times please get in touch…


Blossoming of May

Dear Enchanters of the Void,

I will very shortly be away in Ireland for several days, exploring “The Shamanic way of the Salmon” with about 20 others from across Europe.   However, I return in time for the next session of Enchanting The Void – On Friday 27th May.

This will be at the Cabin – 8 Woodside – GL5 1PW.

Normal arrangements:  7 for 7.15pm.   Bring food to share afterwards, maybe a bottle of water and accession or balnket if you need one. Donations are invited to cover costs.

As previously notified There will not be a session of Earth Songs at the Roundhouse   in June. (The Roundhouse is used for Red Hearth purposes for that time)

So future sessions look like this:
Friday 27th May – Enchanting the Void – at Dawn’s Cabin – 8 Woodside.

Friday 24th June – Enchanting the Void – at Dawn’s Cabin – 8 Woodside.

Friday 15th July* -Earth Songs – at the Roundhouse – 7 Summer Close.
This will finish – including social session afterwards – by 10pm prompt,  due to another event taking place.

(*note; this is not on the 2nd Friday of the month- but the following one, due to me staffing a teenage boy’s initiation weekend on 8th July).

Summer sessions beyond this, will be subject to change from the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month pattern,  due to long standing commitments at other events;  watch this space for updates.   There may also be a ‘Summer Gap’  when some sessions take a breather – again watch this space; I will notify you.

Enjoy the blossoming of the May

love  JJ xx

Looking forward to February….

Starting in February, there will be two sessions a month; one (usually on the 2nd Friday of the month) at Kesty’s roundhouse (I will send separate details with the calling notice for that) and one at the usual venue of the Cabin at Woodside (generally on the 4th Friday of the month).

Hoping to see a good few of you on Friday,  where the first full moon of this year of 2016 will be waxing towards its height two days later.  Lets sing for respect and healing and honouring of the land,  and – along with it – the restoration of healing, honouring and respect for all things feminine.
(Plenty of room for honouring the masculine too!  – from the divine to the dumb Emoji)

Love and hugs

JJ x

A Beautiful Testimonial

We’ve had some really lovely testimonials since the release of the new album, here’s a particullaly insightful one which we’d like to share.

” You made a Dutch girl very happy!

The post brought the cd yesterday. And then, oh magic, I  could hear all these wonderful chants. Some I remembered, some of them half forgotten and ,yes! some new ones too.

I closed my eyes and stood there in the middle of the room.
Singing and listening, and my arms and body moved on their own accord, with the music and the words.
And I saw all those images in my mind, of the trees and the fire and the earth, we were singing about. These chants are so simple and yet so powerful, they really touch my heart.

The song about the sweeping out the chambers of your heart, I already sing often, while sweeping the house or just on the bike, because i like it and because it feels a bit like a general soul-keeping, like you sweep out your house and wash the dishes to keep your house clean. It reminds me to do some soulcleaning on a regular basis.
The standing like a tree is a song that moves me, it pops up when I feel I’m slightly out of balance. I’ll stand and sing for a while and after singing that I’m rooted very well and that whatever comes to me rain or sun, it is fine, in the end it will give me fruit, will help me grow, so it is o.k. whatever comes. That  awareness, can bring tears to my eyes. It is a healing song, a balancing song.
The swansong by the way has become the song with which I sing the babies to sleep. ( I work with young children) They love it and so do I.

So thank you very very much for bringing these chants to me. This cd will give me a possibility to learn many more and share them/sing them together with my Dutch (obod) friends so I am planning a get-together where we can chant them.”

So moving!

Beyond the Void

For anyone interested:

in-sightjournal provides what it says; – ‘an insight’ – into wider aspects of JJ Middleway’s life.


And the following link is to a BBC Radio 4 programme of ‘Beyond Belief’ featuring JJ


Also, many thanks to Philip Carr-Gomm for the wonderful mention of the album on his website.


January- singing in the cabin

Dear fellow enchanters,

As previously advertised, but just to confirm:

The next session of Enchanting the Void will be this Friday 8th January at the Cabin as usual.  7 for 7.15 start.

It will be followed two weeks later – on Friday 22nd  – by another session – again at the Cabin as usual.

Then, on the second Friday of the month -Friday 12th February – there will be the inaugural session at Kesty’s; I will send directions nearer the time.  (thereafter normally on 2nd Friday of each month)

Then 4th Friday of the month – Friday 26th February – up at the Cabin  again. (thereafter normally on the 4th Friday of each month).

Look forward very much to welcoming in the New Year with those of you who can make it,  on Friday.

Love and best wishes

Hot of the Press!

‘The CDs arrived ‘hot off the press’ on Thursday 3rd December.   I took a box of 50 with me to the Annual Winter gathering of Bards , Ovates and Druids, the following day.
On Saturday morning , in Glastonbury Town Hall, around 200 of us sang a handful of chants together, just as a ‘sampler’.  To my amazement and delight,  40 CDs sold that day.
The feedback has been simply beautiful.  (e.g. see below – reproduced with permission)

” Thank you for the wonderful and magical chants yesterday morning. I was in a poor space and could not find my voice so I simply allowed the sacred sounds to wash over and through me.

I played the Enchanting the Void CD in my car on a short journey this afternoon. Mid-way through track four “We are Angels”, I found my voice again and was able to start singing through the tears.

 Thank you.  Mx     “

Whether you are new to ‘Enchanting the Void’ or already a ‘seasoned addict’,  I believe these CDs will inspire and cheer you, not only through the dark winter months, but through any stage or time in life. Rain or shine, down or up, they seem to ‘re-connect’ and ‘lift the spirit’.   They make a great gift to others as well as to ones self!
Much love

JJ x