Greetings and welcome to Enchanting the Void

A western form of devotional singing, incorporating sound and silence, which might also be called an Earth Healing form of song-prayer.

It is a means of re-imagining and re-energising the land through the magic of shared sound, coupled with the healing of the charged silence which follows.

Within this ‘Enchanting the Void’ form, are the flowering seeds of a re-emergent oral tradition, spawned particularly since the 1960’s – though no doubt before – through various inspired individuals, small groups and camps.  I sense the bulk of these songs as being ‘of this land’ and ‘of this time’ and a worthy Western complement to Eastern forms of devotional chanting such as Kirtan or Bhakti, which although complementary are yet distinct in flavour. They have their place here too: A bridging of east and west through sound and song.

There is something so wholesome, so joyous, so healing in song.

And when we join together in groups and sing, it is even more powerful.

I have a vision of ripples of resonant harmony,  spilling out across the landscape;  healing as they go.

The earth, no less than each of us, requires harmonics of healing, to bring it ‘into tune’.  The ‘hum’ bit of our ‘human’ name, not only signifies that we are ‘of the earth’ (as in humus, and humility), but also that we need to ‘give voice’ – and hum together.

Then, we sing as beings of this earth – of and for the land; and the land in turn ‘hums and sings’ with us!   Quite literally – we heal each other!  How beautiful is that. And so simple.  Try it!

JJ Middleway

On this website you’ll find lots of useful information relating to Enchanting the Void; live recordings, lyrics, regular news and gathering dates, links to some of our friends and hopefully the inspiration to sing and chant for the goodness of ourselves and the Earth.

Love and Blessings…