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About me - JJ Middleway

I am a Druid elder in, “the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids”, which I have been actively part of for nearly a quarter of a century, frequently in a mentoring and teaching capacity. I also incorporate Buddhist meditation and practices into my life. I live in the beautiful Cotswolds with my Partner Fleur. She is a creative artist and facilitator of space, Reiki Master, teacher of breath work, yoga & Yoga Nidra. I am parent to four grown up children; five grandchildren and two step children.

I am an experienced celebrant, ritualist & poet weaving a unique magic into weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies. I am often asked to assist in creating a holding/ritual space at ceremonies honouring the eightfold wheel of the year. This is often at sacred sites or at festivals.

I have participated, within a spiritual capacity, in various radio programmes, including Radio 4’s ‘Beyond Belief’ and Radio 2’s ‘Good Morning Sunday’. I have produced two CDs and I am currently recording a third – a collection of songs (some of which have developed from poems I have written). These songs have developed into a form of western devotional chanting, which I have called Enchanting The Void.

My inspiration for ‘Enchanting the Void’ developed during several years when I lived in a yurt in the woods. During this time, song became integral to my life.

I am passionate about Sacred Earth songs, singing the land alive through prayerful vibration. Within my circle I often share teachings and story, along with creating spacious periods of stillness. ‘Enchanting the Void’ is a potent, deeply healing and inspirational space filled with heart resonance: For the land, ourselves and the wider community.

Purely for the love of it, I offer a beautifully rich, inspiring experiential workshop on ‘The Awen Power Of Song’. Please contact me if you are interested.

I am currently working on a book which will reflect my work and teachings, through song lines.

As well as frequent sessions in my home town of Stroud, I travel with this inspired gift of sacred song and silence to various venues in Europe – including Holland, Italy and Germany along with various camps and festivals in the UK and abroad.

Hiring and Fees

With many years of experience, creating and co-creating ritual and celebrancy, I have a deep understanding of what goes into preparing and developing a beautiful ceremony, much of which often goes far beyond what is seen ‘on the day’ , and its true worth can often be underestimated.

Traditionally my work ethic of dedication to service  – both for others and to myself  – invites the following three questions to be posed;

  1. What’s it worth to you?
  2. What might you pay yourself if you were offering the work?
  3. What can you afford?

These questions allow for flexibility in terms of energy exchange. I consider the following guide prices to be a fair starting point, based on the above questions.

  • Handfastings: to be negotiated
  • Parting Ceremonies: to be negotiated
  • Naming Ceremonies: to be negotiated
  • Day rate and workshop rates by negotiation.

Where appropriate, travel and accommodation expenses need to be allowed for.

Get in  touch to find out more, or to hire me for one of your life events.

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