As an experienced celebrant I bring a my own style, inspiration and empathy to weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies.  Life’s events and occasions are so precious, they deserve to be celebrated in your own unique way.
“Thank you so, so much for all you did yesterday… We could so strongly feel how you held the space and ceremony with such tenderness, sincerity and love – we feel so truly blessed and honoured to have shared the sacred day with you. Our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude. And to feel Fleur’s presence through her beautiful artwork was just magical! What an incredible day! “


Naming Ceremonies

The beauty of coming together with family, friends and relatives to witness the naming of a young infant is both humbling and celebratory.

  • It is a powerful and unique opportunity to honour the baby or infant, whilst bestowing gifts of presence and presents.
  • It offers the parents a chance to affirm their love and commitment to the child – and through that their love and commitment for each other.
  • It offers all present a chance to offer a quality or gift which will benefit the new born throughout their life.
  • And of course, it offers the baby, an acknowledgement and witnessing of its name in this life.

In this way the child is celebrated and ‘launched into the world’ on a safe and secure course.  Get in touch to hear how I can make this a really special celebration.

“It was a celebration of love. Blissful and gorgeous; heartfelt and ridiculously emotional”


Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfastings are a truly beautiful and magical way of marking a union – or sometimes – of re-affirming vows.

Typically I work with a couple to co-create a ceremony which fully reflects and embodies their beliefs, and most importantly, captures their love for each other. ‘Tying the knot’ is an ancient and yet very modern way of marriage: A powerful symbol of pledging one’s love to another.

I have offered literally dozens and dozens of services over the course of nearly twenty five years. Each one is unique and subtely different, yet similar, in that it connects with the magical source of love.

Where possible I love to work outdoors in nature; however I have conducted many ceremonies in equally beautiful indoor settings. I have worked with people from all strata of society – almost literally ‘from Palace to Ditch’  …  and across all belief systems –  all faiths and none.

I regard it a great privilege to work together to create a magical and yet fully grounded ceremony.

It is a beautiful thing to share.

“Thank you for giving Dad a beautiful farewell; everyone said it was a wonderful service … Quite a few said it was ‘One of the Best!”. Mum and I are extremely grateful for all that you did”
S & V


Parting Ceremonies

More commonly known as funerals, I strive to construct a ceremony reflecting and honouring the true essence of the individual whose life we are celebrating together.

I do this by working sensitively and respectfully with relatives and loved ones, to draw out the essence and qualities of the departed.

Whilst fully honouring and marking grief, it is a wonderful opportunity to fully celebrate a life.  I have conducted numerous ceremonies marking death – both indoors in conventional settings and outdoors in less formal surroundings.

A West Sussex Wedding

As a family friend, I had the pleasure of leading the joyous, open air ceremony which involved nature and the four elements; earth, wind, fire and water, combined with the four points of the compass.

Words from the groom:
The big day at the estate in West Sussex was a “fairytale wedding … it was really spectacular, with so many elements which made it unique.  The blessing was conducted by our most amazing friend JJ Middleway who had also married my bride’s older brother, so her parents had seen one of JJ’s ceremonies before, and they wholeheartedly embraced it. My parents did too.”

“We incorporated traditional elements but also changed things to make it more inclusive.”

(Based on an article from Hello magazine No. 1091 – September 2009)

Since this wedding, I have conducted both a funeral and a further wedding for the family.

“It was a celebration of love. Blissful and gorgeous; heartfelt and ridiculously emotional”

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