A Poem in the Snow

Winter snow
Poetry eludes

To come to winter
The trees bend, buckle and break under the weight of fresh snow
My legs bend, buckle and break
Under the accumulated snows of
Of a richly raw and resonant life

Beauty in this moment –
Late flowering Swan Song beauty – of this time
Gifts of this waning phase – both of this individuated year and of accumulated years.
Sunlight glinting on frost kissed whiteness – blinding in its glory.
The white of eldership and of winter.
The unexpected beauty of maturated cycles, spirals in the frost

Glorious warming sunshine of graced feminine beauty – unexpected visitor in the waning shadow year
This year – this life – this sun – this snow
This beautiful love – late flowering
And all the more precious and appreciated as a consequence.

JJ Middleway
At Cowley Manor Gloucestershire

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