Be a Living Pentagram


In your Heart.
With your right hand upon your left breast
Commit to all dreams and all ensuing action
Arising from this place.

The place of Love.

Now; holding the energy in your forefingers,
Trace the first of five pure lines

Up to your Temple

The apex of the starry cross.  Here
In the sacred centre of your forehead

Do dreams arise.

Conceived in the Heart

Born in the Temple

Now carried into action via the Lungs.
Draw your second thread from mid-head to right breast,
And let breath diffuse into divine notion.
Air consecrates the fusion of intuition and reason.
Inspiration’s Aspiration now transforming into Being.

The third line is drawn
From right breast to left shoulder.
Let energy infuse your arm.
Here is held the chalice
Of wisdom and compassion.
For so must any true and worthwhile action be underpinned.

Next, to the right shoulder;
The fourth line is drawn.
The sword arm of passion and will:
The power to manifest.
Confident that the foundations are well laid,
Here-Now is the place to fully flower
This fourth line honours each element equally:
So Earth is balanced with Fire and Air and Water.

The fruits of your labours are realisable.
Provided you complete the Pentagram
By drawing the fifth imaginary line
To the beginning and end point.
Which is the Heart.
The fifth element of Aether and of Spirit
The one most often forgotten
As being necessary for completion
The journey begins and ends in the Heart

JJ Middleway     02-01-2000

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