Ode To The Goddess

Oh Lady thou art fair of face
Blessed with beauty, poised with grace
Soft sunlight permeates your form
As you reflect the golden dawn
Contrasting with the silvery sheen
Of gilded moonlight in between.
Stunning is the luminescence
Of your elusive lunar essence

Let me enfold you in a cloak
Of sumptuous threaded leaves of oak
Spun of the Sun’s own gossamer
Thus is crafted Love’s amor
Oh lady let me hear you sing
As I in heaven strum the string
The one stringed harp of joyous bliss
the magic all pervading kiss

To feel your touch to touch your feel
To breathe your breath
My Heart it reels.
Then sink and swim
and swim and sink
We teeter on the very brink
Of life’s ecstatic wondrous chord
Before we plunge into the ford
And submerge souls in radiant throng
We’ve found the place where we belong:

Me in you and you in me
Transcending all duality.

By JJ Middleway

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