The Riddle Of Spirit

The Riddle of Spirit

It seems that alcoholics
Are great sensitives
For whom the rigours and
Horrible splendour of the world
Are just too much for attuned
Senses. For they are searchers of Spirit
And find it by falling
Into the illusory trap of the
Spirit sideshow
In its exoteric form.
A delighting poison
Which manages to temporarily dull
The pain and transport
The inebriate
To another realm. But there are those
That give up on the self inflicted
Mind dumbing numbness
Of the illusion, and turn inward
To discover the true world of Spirit
Where outer drink is superfluous
At the ever flowing inner chalice
And there is no need to escape the world
For in this place it is possible to enter fully in.
Only here can be found full ” one hundred percent proof”
And only here can one survive it.

Thus do alcoholics point the way
To the world of Spirit.
For the path there involves an understanding
Of deep pain, and an opening up: Of transcendence.
Hence the riddle:
An alcoholic has to give up spirit
In order to find Spirit

JJ Middleway

Dedicated to Adrian Rooke (circa 2000)

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