Truth In The Tongue


Prelude:   Unlike those who govern our lands these days,  The Druids were reputed for administering justice and honouring truth.

This is reflected in the Druid’s Prayer, a part of which is repeated below;

“……..And in understanding, knowledge

And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice

And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it

And in the love of it,

The love of all existences ……….”

An old saying which is attributed to Druids is this:

“The Truth Against The World”

Its day is here again, in order to stand against broken moral values, discarded and distorted ethics and a moral compass gone seriously awry in our time.

Here’s a poem I wrote at the start of this millenium which alludes to this theme:

SOOTHSAYER   – 28th October 2000



Soothsayer true

Soothing words of truth which heal

Truthing speech does not conceal

Divine nature outside in

Nature divined to reveal

The Divine within the Divine

Intuiting the future by speaking

The truth in the now.




It is time for the tale of the Dragon to be revised;

It is time for the Earth Dragon to rise up

And this time

Slay St George.

The truth unties

And thus unites

Strength in your Arm

Love in your Heart

Truth in your Tongue

The Truth Against The World

JJ MIDDLEWAY – 28th October 2000

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