Sovereign Earth 10 – The Feminine

Sovereign Earth 10   The Feminine

Ode to the Goddess

Three breaths:  One for the Earth
One for the Sky
And one for the waters which surround this land on which you live.
“The tide has turned, though very few do yet detect it
And most will not until it laps high on the shore
But now the feminine usurps the patriarchal
The time has come – the Goddess beckons at the door” JJ Middleway circa 1985
“She’s been waiting waiting, she’s been waiting so long
She’s been waiting for her children to remember.
She’s been waiting waiting, she’s been waiting so long
She’s been waiting for her children to remember to come home.
Blessed are and blessed be, those who come together
Blessed are and blessed be, those who stand alone.
Blessed are and blessed be, the lovers of the Lady
Blessed are and blessed be, Maiden, Mother, Crone”.
There are two particular aspects to that old chant for me. Firstly the sense of the patience and forbearance of our Sacred Mother, the Earth; waiting for us to wake up (or to remember) her beauty and sacredness. Secondly, the honouring and respect of the feminine – in all her aspects – Maiden, Mother, Crone (Elder/ wise one).
It is my belief that one of the principal reasons we are in the mess we are in – at so many levels but particularly in our disrespect and abuse of the Earth – is because of our lack of respect and regard for the feminine throughout our so called human ‘culture’.   Similarly, I have a passionate belief – that’s why I’m offering these Sovereign Earth sessions – that by reinstating and reviving an awareness of the utter wonder, beauty and joy of Mother Earth, that the feminine – all the women in the world – will come to be respected and honoured and not maltreated or cast as second class citizens and treated as being somehow inferior in so much of the world.
By the same token, and as a parallel action, I believe that it will be through women again being treated with kindness and respect and care, that those same qualities will manifest in relation to the the Greater Mother – the Earth, and the way we treat her.
It has been a fascinating aspect of my work helping to initiate young teenage boys into manhood, how as a result of effective ritual and initiation, their embodied sense and perspective of the feminine shifts, from a dependence and infantile attachment to their physical mother (as ‘boy’) to that of serving the Greater Mother:  Planet earth and all who live upon her (as ‘man’).    No wonder we are in trouble when nearly all world leaders are still in ‘the boy’ aspect of their curtailed and generally unfinished journey into maturity.
So, in that vein of deep respect and honour for the feminine, I now offer a poem I wrote in the mid 90’s.   It’s called ‘Ode to Woman’ – it is offered for all ‘womanhood’ and for the divine feminine
‘O Lady though art fair of face, Blessed with beauty, poised with grace.
Soft sunlight permeates your form as you reflect the golden dawn
Contrasting with the  silvery sheen of gilded moonlight in between.
Stunning is the luminescence of your elusive Lunar essence.
Let me enfold you in cloak of sumptuous threaded leaves of oak
Spun of the sun’s own gossamer; thus is crafted love’s a’mour.
Oh Lady let me hear you sing as I in heaven strum the string
The one stringed harp of joyous bliss, the magic all pervasive kiss.
To feel your touch, to touch your feel, to breath your breath
My heart it reels
Then sink and swim and swim and sink, we teeter on the very brink
Of life’s ecstatic wondrous chord
Before we plunge into the ford, and submerge souls in radiant throng
We’ve found the place where we belong
Me in you and you in me – transcending all duality”
So thats a tribute to and a celebration of the feminine and an expression of my love for that essential essence and key to wholeness – the divine feminine.
Now here’s a song in her honour:
“Mother I feel you under my feet
Mother i hear your heart beat
Heya Heya Heya, Heya Heyo
Heya Heya Heya  Hey O O O .”
Meditation:   Closing our eyes and taking ourselves into a sublime place on this earth
  • perhaps somewhere we remember as being special and memorable in our lives – a place of outstanding natural beauty.   There, imagine yourself to be standing with your bare feet firmly in contact with the ground.  Sense the deep deep connection. Now bend down and touch the ground, touch the earth, in a spririt of love and respect.  “I honour you”.  “ I honour the sacred feminine”.  “ I honour myself” .
“Oh Mother who is our Planet
Holy is thy nature
May this wisdom be known
And thy perfection expressed in all your children
As it is lived in your Heart.
This day, may each of our needs be met.
Let us relate to each other
With the respect we would like to receive.
Don’t let us think of ourselves as being separate and alone.
Help us to remember our connectness.
For you are the connection
You are the love we express
You are the life we live
You are the planet – Gaia – perfect as is.
And we are your nature
As long as we live on Earth.
So it is”
Sophia – wisdom – Sophos; clever, skilful,intelligent, wise.
Philo-sophia = love of wisdom. True philosophy.
Sophia is one of the 4 cardinal virtues of Plato – Prudence (wisdom), temperance, courage and justice.  The feminine attributes are what is required to re sanctify the inner sanctum – the tabernacle of our souls.
Gnosis is about ‘knowing’ at an instinctual, mystical or esoteric level, our connection and relationship to divinity, through direct experience
In gnosticism, Sophia is a feminine figure analogous to the soul. Ephemeral, enigmatic, elusive.
The sacred feminine is receptive, ready to receive, yet alert, attentive to the subtle energies of love and always listening.
The feminine understands the dynamics of relationship. Feminine consciousness is more attuned to the life of the body; to natural rhythms; to the cycles of life
“All round Mother Earth, Bringer into birth
Sweet creatress of the night and day
Bring your spirit through
Rest our thoughts in you
Guide our feet in the natural way”.
May we all – women and men and all beings – whatever you call yourself and whatever you feel yourself to be – may we each and all ‘take a knee’ to the sacred mother. May we find a moment in our often busy lives, to simply lie down on the earth in appreciation and feel her breathing with us; feel her heart beating. May we touch the earth in reverence as she touches us in our hearts.
With love JJ

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