Sovereign Earth 13 – The Power of Song

Sovereign Earth 13
‘The Power of Song’
We all know how transformative and healing song can be.
How sterile and depleted our world would be without song.
Without birds singing at the dawn chorus
Without music of the heart to refresh our souls.
We are going to look at the power of song and its ability to heal.
But first – what else? – a song
“We are Angels, we have forgotten these things
Trailing clouds of Glory, we are remembering”
Just a brief reminder of the impetus and motivation for these weekly broadcasts of Sovereign Earth  – To put Heart back into the Earth.  To help make a difference in reviving our connection and relationship to Sovereign Earth – Our Mother, by focussing on the things that ‘sing to us’ – the things that matter. the things which inspire and the things which really count at the end of the day.   So, quite naturally – song itself is in the mix!
Now here’s a thing. When we sing together it brings us into harmony with not only ourselves but each other.  The frequency and resonance of our singing has the ability to ’tune us in’  -a bit like a vibrating tuning fork can tune us to a particular note – middle C for example. However, it seems that not only do we tune in with each other; when we sing we tune into the very earth itself.  Water resonates and is imbued with memory -the memory of our ancestors who sang thousands of years ago.  The earth and the bones of the earth resonate with song.  So when we sing we come into harmony. The Earth ˙resounds with humming harmony.
Ancient traditions knew this and reflected it in their stories and language. The Chinese for example have pictograms rather than words.  It turns out that the symbol or pictogram for Medicine is similar to that for singing or song. Except the song symbol is  the symbol for medicine with extra bits on top – in other words ‘with knobs on’ – Song is the medicine to cap all medicine – the medicine beyond medicine.
Healed am I by your wondrous singing
Healed am I by your wondrous Love
Healed am I by your wondrous presence
Healed am I by the Flying Dove
That chant or song was written by Maggi Moon Rose as her response to the singing circles we have held for many years now in Stroud where I live.
So we’ve heard of how the ancient Chinese recognised and valued song.
Now lets take a moment to reflect and consider how the Aboriginal peoples of the continent of Australia deeply valued and embodied the power of song into their whole culture.  We can only touch briefly on it here, but most of you will be aware of the term ‘Songlines’ – which were the pathways in the landscape which the ancient wisdom keepers of those lands laid down as vital dream songs, holding the whole story and cultural identity of their people and of the very land itself in an essential relationship to the land of mutual respect and healing. Song was integral to the health of the tribe, the individual and the very land itself.
“I am the land that is all that I am
I am the Land that is all that I am
I am the Land that is all around me
I am the Land that is all that I am”
Finally lets look at how the extremely ancient language of Sanskrit has song at its core.
Everything about Sanskrit embodies wisdom, sacred knowledge, healing, love and song.    The constituent parts of Sanskrit are sung – not in a way that Westerners would know and not in a way that is easy to our unexercised tongues and palates, but in a manner which integrates language, music, mathematics and mystery all at the same time and all as one. We are fortunate to have some elements of that passed down to us in our own language, which has a legacy of Sanskrit roots.
This is reflected in the Gyatra Mantra – one of the most well known and most loved of Sanskrit chants
It doesn’t matter that we don’t literally understand the words. There is healing in the sound. My Sanskrit teacher – Lucy Crisfield – would likely be cringing as I sing this,  but here goes – its the best I can offer in the moment 🙂
Let us make this our meditation in song – A mantra of the Heart:
“Om Bu Buva swaha
Tat Savitur Vereniem
Bargo Devasya Dimai
Diyo Yona Pratchodyat”

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