Sovereign Earth – Putting Heart back into the Earth



Putting Heart back into the Earth
“Once there was a way to get back homeward
Once there was a way to get back home
Sleep little darling do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby”
Golden Slumbers  The Beatles.
We Have Forgotten.
Inhabiting a world of waking sleep, we have forgotten how to get back home.  Or almost………..
Once upon a time, there was only one Sovereign and she ruled all with loving compassion, abundant generosity and deep wisdom.
All the peoples of the earth revered and respected her.  She was honoured and celebrated with ritual and prayer; with  offerings of love and laughter, tears and song. She had many names – and no name at all. Yet there was nobody from the youngest infant to the most aged elder who didn’t intimately understand their connection to the Sovereign – their true ruler. The provider of all sustenance and nutrition – all holding and sustaining. Sovereign Mother – The earth herself.
In those times it was for the people to choose and bestow kingship upon he who would best serve the land, ensuring its fertility and health. Thus it was that the land was honoured and respected, held dear and held sacred through time honoured tradition of the King marrying the Land.
Sovereignty was understood as embodying all the qualities of true royalty: Nobility, virtue, truth, beauty, compassion and wisdom. In service to the Land and its people, and to all creatures of that land, recognising that the health and vitality of the people is crucially dependent upon and finely interwoven with all other beings upon and within its soil and waters.
This word – Sovereignty – has come to mean something else entirely: Ruling ‘over’ a land and ruling ‘over’ a people. It is also now equated with having one’s own jurisdiction and law, separate to and independent from other nations. It can often involve ‘ruling over’ other nations too – a word of arrogance and supremacy rather than inclusivity , humility and service.
Yet there was time when all were one and it was so. A time when the Land came first; a time when all beliefs , though different in name, held the earth as sacred. Her solar consort was revered and honoured too: The Divine Sun; the heat of our heartbeat, the seat of our Soul.
My vision is that all belief systems and creeds now come to refocus on the Mother, Sovereign-Earth, since she is the source of our wellbeing and we are each called upon to be the sorcerers of our time, reimagining and rekindling our deepest respect, love and understanding of the Earth.
Just as once, in another age and in another place,  a story was told of how the userers and merchants and money changers were thrown out of the temple in a place called Jerusalem, so now it is time to “cleanse the Temple” and eject the userers and money lenders and merchants from the sacred Temple of the Earth.  For the greater temple is nothing less than the land on which we dwell.  The cathedrals of our time are forests and our chapels of prayer are wave kissed coves by the sea. Our ancestors knew this instinctively.
Time for the exploiters and despoilers of this earth to be banished and for ecocide to be recognised as a crime against not only all of humanity, but against all beings on this rare and beautiful orb spinning gracefully in space.
I envision a day when Sovereignty is restored to its rightful place.
 At the centre of our Parliament in London, rests a ceremonial mace, its symbolism and function almost obscured through forgotten time. Yet this mace represents the Sovereign, who is symbolically embodied in earthly form through our Queen.
It is time to have a throne to the Goddess placed centre stage in the middle of a circular and inclusive  parliament. This throne will be garlanded and bedecked with leaves of oak and ash; with rose and with hawthorn. At its base will lie the ceremonial mace – in service to the land and to the goddess. A reminder of our true sovereign, of which, at its best,  the royal family is a representative symbol. The current Prince of Wales fully understands this deeper role. I kept bees on his home farm for some years and witnessed this in action:  He is a committed servant of the Land and of the people.  “Ich Dien” is his Royal motto – which means “I serve”
Time for us all to serve: Each other and above all,  Sovereign-Earth !
JJ Middleway
I am intending to start a weekly live session of ‘Sovereign Earth’ from my Enchanting the Void Facebook page. Tuesdays at 8pm Uk time – these will be 20 minutes long. Please keep an eye on the Enchanting the Void website and Facebook page for further details .   This will also be available via my Youtube account. It would be lovely to have you join me

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